Ultrasensitive Chip-Scale Biosensors

Wearable devices for analyzing easily accessible biological fluids
We are currently working on potentiometric and colorimetric micron-scale wearable sensors for detecting a range of biomarkers in various biological fluids such as sweat, saliva, and urine. The ultimate objective is to use flexible electronics to demonstrate a lab-on-body capable of monitoring people’s wellness. Our research into this topic gave rise to WEATECHO, a startup company focusing on wearable electronics for eHealth.
Multianalyte photonic biosensing platforms for liquid biopsy
The chip-scale silicon integrated microphotonic platforms we are designing and experimentally investigating aims at maximizing light-matter interaction through resonant structures and innovative photonic waveguides. New techniques for biosensor multiplexing are under investigation with a view to achieving multianalyte biosensing.
All-dielectric metasurfaces supporting strong light-matter interaction
Under the auspices of an international research project, we are developing slotted all dielectric metasurfaces supporting quasi-bound states in the continuum resonant modes with a high Q-factor. Modes in the near-infrared strongly interact with matter, thus enabling life sciences applications in the field of refractometric biosensors and super-resolution microscopy.

Microsensors And Miniaturized Subsystems For Satellite Technology

Miniaturized fiber gyro for the emerging needs of the new space economy
Miniaturized gyros are in great demand for use in a range of emerging New Space Economy applications. A series of technological achievements in the realm of fiber coils enable smaller, lighter, less energy-consuming, and cheaper Sagnac-based fiber gyros to be made. We are working on a new concept of fiber interferometric gyroscope targeted at selected applications in the aerospace, smart mobility, and robotics sectors.
Onboard processing HW for SmallSats
In cooperation with leading companies in the aerospace industry, we are developing innovative HW platforms and algorithms for onboard computing and processing of sensor data. The electronic boards, based on microcontrollers, FPGA, and SoC, are mainly designed for use in small satellites.

Sensor-Based Embedded Sysems For The Medtech Industry

Embedded subsystem for medical instrumentation
We are developing electronic boards and subsystems, including e-skin prototypes, to be integrated into complex medical instruments and platforms such as cobots or ultrasounds.
Miniaturized embedded system for the Internet of Medical Things
We are working on novel embedded systems for monitoring sleep and vital signs using contactless sensors and innovative signal-processing algorithms, which make use of machine-learning and deep-learning techniques.