Chiara Botrugno


Chiara Botrugno received a BSc Degree in Biomedical Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Turin in 2020.

She graduated with a MSc Degree in Biomedical Engineering in 2022, majoring in the Biomedical Instrumentation track at the Polytechnic University of Turin.

During her MSc thesis work, carried out in collaboration with the University of Essex, she aided the development of a Brain-Computer Interface for non-responsive patients, designing a low-cost non-invasive assessment method that, starting from EEG and ECG signals, detects different levels of consciousness.

Since 2022, she has been working as a Research Fellow and PhD student at the Polytechnic University of Bari, in the field of Electrical and Information Engineering.

Chiara’s main research areas are wearable devices for continuous monitoring of vital signs, instruments and sensors for medical imaging and diagnostics, and artificial intelligence for healthcare.

Currently, her research is focusing on developing the hardware and firmware of embedded electronic systems able to monitor biopotentials, physiological parameters and biomarkers – highly representative of health status – and make them available to the patient and/or telemedicine platforms.



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